Worthy (2 Week Program)

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People put themselves through a lot and they put up with a lot because of a worthiness issue within them. If this sounds like you, give me 2 weeks of your time, and i'll fix that for you.

Low self esteem and a lack of confidence are the by-product of feeling unworthy. This feeling is learned. It can be unlearned. This program will be to you an equivalent of changing a faulty part in a car, and replacing it with a new one that works perfectly. It doesn't even take a long time, once you know what you have to do it becomes your way of life.

Worthiness is one of the main reasons people struggle to attract the results they want in their career, finances, and relationships. Traumas from their past hinder the results they are able to achieve in the present. Learning what's in this program will make you see yourself as worthy and will allow you to start feeling worthy on a day to day basis, which consequently changes everything.

If you would like to change the way you feel about yourself, and your life, this is the program for you. The program consists of 10 sessions. They will be 5 consecutive sessions and then a two day break, and afterwards another 5 consecutive sessions. The daily sessions will last around 15 minutes, and all of them are done online through Skype.